Dielectric testing of cables

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Laboratory for applied mechanical and electrical engineering sciences (SIAME)
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Project: dielectric testing of cables

Project name: Dielectric testing of cables

Subject: tests under pulsed high voltage and sinusoidal voltage 

Start date: October 1, 2017

End date: June 30, 2018

Coordinator: TOTAL

Scientific manager at the SIAME: Thierry REESS

Permanent members of the SIAME involved: Antoine SILVESTRE de FERRON

Type of contract: service contract

Partner(s): TOTAL  


Project description                      

The aim of this partnership is to characterize the dielectric strength of high-voltage cables used for powering pumps on the drilling sites of TOTAL.

The study will consist in comparing different materials and techniques.

The comparison is based on tests carried out under a sinusoidal voltage of 50 Hz in a specific experimental array to avoid field reinforcement at a given point of the specimen.


Tests under sinusoidal voltage are performed using a 100 kV rms transformer (see photo below) controlled by an autotransformer and secured by a short-circuit detector.