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Laboratory for applied mechanical and electrical engineering sciences (SIAME)
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Project: Ingetherm

Project name: INGETHERM

Subject: Thermoelectric generator engineering

Start date: September 15, 2016

End date: September 15, 2019

Coordinator: SIAME/LATEP

Scientific manager at the SIAME: Daniel CHAMPIER

Type of contract: CRA and CDAPP

Partner(s): LaTEP (Jean-Pierre BEDECARRATS)


Project description

In transportation (automobile, maritime or aeronautical) and industrial processes, almost 40% of the energy used is released into the atmosphere as heat. Making use of this wasted energy is a critical issue, one which thermoelectric modules that transform heat into electricity are able to meet.  These generators can be used to produce electricity in remote areas based on the combustion of biomass, or to power wireless sensors in the industry.  Until now, these generators were not very efficient and had a limited temperature range, but new materials and modules have opened up a whole range of opportunities. However, it is first necessary to develop a methodology for designing optimized generators in order to convince industrialists to take the plunge.  This is the objective of the INGETHERM project.