MACENA (Invest for future) Project

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Laboratory for applied mechanical and electrical engineering sciences (SIAME)
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Investment for the future project: MACENA

The aim of the project “Management of the containment of enclosures in accidents” (MACENA) is to develop models and tools to predict the tightness of enclosures in the event of a serious accident. In this context, the SIAME is co-responsible for the work group 2 and more particularly for studying the influence of temperature and water content on the instant behavior of concrete. The PhD of Hatem Kallel, which was financed by EDF, fits into the scope of this project. The members of the SIAME involved are: Hélène Carré, Hatem Kallel and Christian La Borderie.


Disk-Shaped Compact Tension Tests (DCT) on samples in a controlled atmosphere.