Mechanical behavior of structures and components

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Laboratory for applied mechanical and electrical engineering sciences (SIAME)
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Project: mechanical behavior of structures and components(ANDRA GL MOUV laboratory consortium)

The SIAME laboratory is part of several projects in this consortium:

  • Interface modeling: we have developed a multi-scale method that takes into account natural roughness at the rock/structure contact and its impact on the mechanical behavior of the structure as a whole. Participants: Christian La Borderie, Olivier Nouailletas (post-doctoral student) and Céline Perlot.

Shear zone 

  • Numerical modeling of the hygro-mechanical behavior of fractured rocks. The challenge is to simulate water movement in the fractured rock located near man-made structures and to evaluate permeability according to the swelling of the rock. The project is co-funded by the China Scholarship Council (CSC), which is financing the PhD currently in progress.

Participants: Wang Hui (PhD student), Christian La Borderie, Domenico Gallipoli.