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Fédération de recherche CNRS IPRA FR 2952 (Institut Pluridisciplinaire de Recherche Appliquée dans le domaine du Génie Pétrolier)


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21st ISP member meeting


International Society on Pulsed Power Applications e.V. (ISP)



University of Pau: 

 Mechanical and Electrical Laboratory:

  Dr. Emil Spahn, ISP chairman, invite you to our annual member meeting. The meeting will take place at University of Pau, France, a leading Institute in the realm of pulsed power. 

In order to encourage the exchange between scientists and companies, we propose to start our meeting with a workshop.



- Thursday April, 5th
  •  11 H 00 : Workshop “Civilian and medical applications of pulsed power technology” (detailed program: see below)
  • 12 H 45 : Lunch
  • 14 H 00 : Workshop (2nd part)
  • 16 H 00 : Visit of 2 institutes of the University of Pau (X-ray tomography and material synthesis)
  • 17 H 00 : Visit of hillsides and wine warehouse of Jurançon - Wine testing session
  • 19 H 30 : Demonstration of Pelote Basque
  • 20 H 00 : Dinner 
- Friday April, 6th
  • 9 H : Visit of SIAME (High Voltage) laboratory
  • 10 H 15 : Member meeting (for agenda see next page)
  • 11 H 45 : Lunch
  • 13 H 00 : Visit of the Pic du Midi observatory
  • 18 H 00 : End of meeting


WorkShop Details

Civilian and medical applications of pulsed power technology

Goal :     

Provide an information forum about pulsed power applications in the following  fields : Sterilisation; water-, agricultural crop- and air-treatment; extraction of compounds with high added values...

Discussion about possible future corporate actions of the workshop participants.


Speakers :   


Detailed Program

Thursday April, 6th


Introduction: goals and objectives of the workshop


Presentation / Discussion:
NANOGEN : Smart HV Pulse Generator full configurable
Maxime Champroux


Presentation / Discussion:
New Effitech pulsed power systems and applications
Jean-Pierre Brasile




Presentation / Discussion:
Pulsed power plasmas for environmental applications at Eindhoven University of Technology
Tom Huiskamp


Presentation / Discussion:
High Pulsed Power for sterilisation at ITHPP
Christophe Goepfert


Presentation / Discussion :
Non invasie PEF techniques
Prof. Bucur Novac


Presentation / Discussion :
The challenges of the pulsed power applicators for biological experiments
Jean-Christophe Joly


Discussion / Coffee


End of the Workshop