Training courses

ENSGTI : National Superior School of Industrial Technology Engineering (GEII)

The objective of the engineering cycle through apprenticeship in GEII is to train students with advanced scientific knowledge, able to master and develop electronic, electrotechnical and automatic systems as well as applications requiring industrial IT, so that they are capable of commanding and controlling industrial systems or applications. 

Graduates of the GEII curriculum will also have sound knowledge of high-voltage pulses and high pulsed power (HPP). The scientific competencies acquired in these domains represent a unique area of expertise in France.

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ISA BTP: higher institute of Aquitaine for construction and civil engineering

The ISA BTP, the higher institute of Aquitaine for construction and civil engineering, is an engineering school certified by the French Engineering Council, labeled EUR-ACE and approved by the group Bordeaux INP.

It is a public school with a five-year post baccalaureate training program that belongs to the University of Pau and the Adour region.

It is located in Anglet, on the Montaury campus, where all the scientific training courses of the UPPA for the Bayonne - Anglet - Biarritz Conurbation are held.

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