SIAME Laboratory

UR 4581

CNRS Research Federation IPRA FR 2952 (French acronym for Multidisciplinary Institute of Applied Research in Petroleum Engineering)


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Assistant director

Stéphane ABADIE

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General presentation

The Laboratory of applied sciences in mechanics and electrical engineering is a research team (UR 4581) that belongs to the IPRA research federation and Carnot ISIFOR Institute.

It is divided into four teams:

- Flows and energetics team (EE)

- High voltage processes team (PHT)

- Geomaterials and structures team (GS)

- Wave-structure interactions team (IVS)

In 2023, the laboratory workforce included:

  • 30 professors / researchers
  • 7 engineers/assistant engineers
  • 4 Managers made available by the Shared Service Center (SSC)
  • 35 PhD students
  • 12 post-doctoral students