The UPPATECH instrumental service center Platforms

The University of Pau and Pays de l'Adour (UPPA) created the UPPA Tech instrumental services center on January 1, 2018.

UPPA Tech gathers all the experimental power available within the UPPA research laboratories. The center offers a high-level scientific and technical service to meet the needs of both economic actors (R&D) and academic research at local, national and international levels.

Within the SIAME Laboratory, 4 platforms are attached to this service center:

- The MATCO Platform brings together the tools necessary for the mechanical and chemical characterization of cementitious materials, granular materials and soils, as well as for the manufacture and processing of concrete and mortar.




- The PHT Platform offers developments and measurement tools in the field of transient high voltage and high currents.



- The SCOPE Platform specializes in the implementation of physical measurements (coastal processes), physico-chemical and biological parameters (plankton, WFD/WFD indicators); the acquisition of knowledge on coastal hydrodynamics under extreme conditions with application to coastal hazards, sources, reactivity and impacts of micropollutants and nutrients in estuaries; the study of the dispersion of contaminants in the river-estuary-panache-coast continuum.



- The SIMCO Platform is specialized in advanced numerical simulation, analysis and expertise of civil engineering structures. The numerical simulations use methods and software not available to conventional structural engineering firms and apply to materials and structures in civil engineering, building and public works.



Unattached equipment is visible on this page.