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CNRS Research Federation IPRA FR 2952 (French acronym for Multidisciplinary Institute of Applied Research in Petroleum Engineering)


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Actualités :

The national Coastal Engineering and Civil Engineering days were held in Chatou, near Paris, from October 11 to 13. 

The IVS team participated and will be the organizer of the next meeting at ISALAB in June 2024!


Presentation of the SIAMELaboratory for applied sciences in mechanics and electrical engineering

The SIAME laboratory is a resident research team of the University of Pau and the Pays de l'Adour whose research is carried out in the field of Engineering Sciences.

The unit is structured in 4 teams:

- Complex and energetic flows (EE),

- Geomaterials and structures for civil engineering (GS),

- Wave / Structure Interaction (IVS),

- High Voltage Processes (PHT).

The research is based on experimental expertise, modelling and numerical simulations.

The laboratory is a member of the research federations IPRA and MIRA, of the Carnot ISIFOR Institute.

One of the Laboratory's major assets is its long-standing partnership activity, which is reflected in the participation of teams in three joint research laboratories (SAGE, KOSTARISK and UPPA - Nobatek/INEF4).

The University of Pau and Pays de l'Adour has defined two values that guide its research activity:

  • Reconciling science and society for a reasoned progress
  • To act within a territory.

For the period 2022-2026, these values are broken down into five interdisciplinary missions focused on societal issues.

The research work and projects of SIAME researchers contribute to 4 of these 5 interdisciplinary missions.


Even if the positioning is very marked within the teams (for example: mission 5 for the GS team, mission 1 for the IVS team, missions 2 and 3 for the EE team), our overall analysis shows a good balance on these missions.



PhD thesis grant available

ONERA and the SIAME laboratory have an opening for a thesis on "Modeling electromagnetic interactions on electrical power architectures", due to start in September 2023.

Don't hesitate to apply.

All the information and conditions of application are on this document.



LinkedIn Posts

Published on Tuesday 9 may 2023 on the SIAME account

The SIAME lab was recently represented at the Pulsed Power for Kicker Systems (PULPOKS) workshop at Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY) in Hamburg, Germany, 24-26 April, 2023. The PULPOKS workshop is bringing together students, engineers, physicists and others working in the field of pulsed power and injection magnets for particle accelerators. Here are some examples of the many topics being discussed: gas discharge switches & replacements, solid-state switches and modulators, stripline kickers for injection and extraction systems. SIAME’s contribution includes two presentations: an oral talk by Dr. Anton Gusev entitled as “A High-Voltage Nanosecond Opening Switch Based on TVS Diodes” and a poster by Dr. Ivan Lavrinovich entitled as “All-Solid-State High-Voltage Generators Based on a Spiral Strip Line and SOS Diode”.

PULPOKS 2023 website: