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Laboratory for applied mechanical and electrical engineering sciences (SIAME)
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PULPA : Pulsed Power ApplicationsInternational Guest Chair with partnership E2S-UPPA


International Chair E2S-UPPA

International Chairs are part-time visiting professorships. Candidates of international stature particularly recognized in their field of research are recruited over a period of 5 years. The call for applications is widely publicised at international level. Candidates are appointed on the recommendation of the E2S UPPA External Scientific Committee. Beneficiaries undertake to spend an average of two months per year in a UPPA research unit. Two doctoral scholarships and five-year postdoctoral fellowships are awarded to these projects. In the case of the PULPA Chair, the ITHPP company located in Thégra in the Lot contributes to the financing of the Chair through two thesis grants and their support.




- ITHPP SAS, Groupe ALCEN : french society specialized in design, development, manufacturing, tests and operation of High Pulsed Power and High Power Microwave systems

- Atomic and renewable energy french agency (CEA) towards LRC SAGE

- RNA : Région Nouvelle Aquitaine


Project Leader : BUCUR NOVAC

Bucur Novac is Professor of Pulsed Power and leader of the Plasma and Pulsed Power Group (P3G), Wolfson School of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering at Loughborough University. He has been a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering UK since 2016, an IET Fellow and an IEEE Senior Member. He has received the most renowned awards in the field of pulsed power: Marx Fowler Award (2008), Alexandr Pavlosky Award (2016) or Sol Schneider Award (2016).



The PULPA chair conducted within the SIAME High Voltage Processes team is dedicated to the physics and technology of high pulsed power. Three areas of application are focused on:

- treatment of cancer by non-invasive pulsed electric field techniques;

- electron beam sterilization;

- drilling of hard rock by electric arc.

The work carried out within this chair also falls within the framework of the actions carried out within the approved research laboratory (LRC) between the CEA-UPPA (SAGE).

The Plasma and Pulsed Power Group (P3G) of the University of Loughborough (United Kingdom) led by Bucur NOVAC and the UPPA High Voltage Processes (PHT) team, led by Professor Laurent Pecastaing, have been working together for about ten years. This relationship has resulted in a large number of common articles published in international journals and numerous joint presentations at international conferences in our field. This chair will strengthen and perpetuate the links between two of the most well known teams at European level in the field of PPH.