NaiMYS (ANR) Project

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Laboratory for applied mechanical and electrical engineering sciences (SIAME)
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ANR project: NaiMYS

The NaiMYS project is based on the cooperation of two research teams, the Laboratory for applied sciences in mechanics and electrical engineering – the SIAME, EA 4581 of the CNRS IPRA 2952 federation – and the Laboratory for thermokinetics of Nantes – UMR CNRS 6607. Our research consists in studying a new online active mixer for constraint fluids as used in the food industry. The efficiency of the mixture paired with heat transfer within the fluid is studied experimentally and using numerical simulations. A parameter study based on 2D numerical simulations is conducted first in order to identify the most suitable flow and geometry for building the experimental prototype. Then, 3D high-resolution numerical simulations will be conducted in the experimental prototype conditions in order to compare the velocity fields and efficiency of the mixture to those obtained experimentally. Lastly, an original approach using a genetic algorithm will be developed to perform a multi-objective optimization (minimization of pressure drops and maximization of the mixture/transfer efficiencies) of the mixer design drawing on a large number of numerical simulations. As for the experimental design, a new technique able to simultaneously give the space-time evolution of the velocity field and the efficiencies of mass and heat transport will be developed. In addition, the project will take a look at several fundamental subjects that have never yet been addressed in the field of constraint fluids (distribution of residence times, Lyapunov functions in finite time, decrease of the scalar field).