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Laboratory for applied mechanical and electrical engineering sciences (SIAME)
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In this context, the Basque authorities are concerned about improving their environmental knowledge at more local scales in order to better prepare the management of coastal risks. To meet this requirement, the authorities and scientists joined forces through the Groupement d’Intérêt Scientifique Littoral Basque (scientific interest group of the Basque coast) to create the MAREA project, the aim of which is to develop local-scale decision-making tools that take into account the effects of climate change in order to:

  • Statistically qualify and quantify storms
  • Pool coastal observation and real-time monitoring systems
  • Develop ultra-local tools for modeling and predicting submersion
  • Analyze the dynamics of sediment stocks
  • Initiate discussions on risk culture

The Basque coast is characterized by the presence of a uniform conurbation, faced with common environmental and socio-economic challenges and subject to the same erosion and submersion phenomena on either side of the border. The partners of the MAREA project would like to federate their cross-border skills in order to provide innovative operational solutions to authorities tasked with protecting the population and activities.

Permanent members of the SIAME involved: Stéphane ABADIE, Denis MORICHON, Benoit LARROQUE

Temporary members involved: Inaki DE SANTIAGO, Florian ARNOUX, Pierre-Antoine PONCET.

 Numerical model of the erosion of two compartments (one natural, the other man-made) of Zarautz beach (Spanish Basque Country) during a storm