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Laboratory for applied mechanical and electrical engineering sciences (SIAME)
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FraMCoS 2019

Many conferences include discussions on concrete damage, cracking and failure, but especially outside the context of failure mechanics. Other conferences focus on the mechanics of fracture, but rarely on its application to concrete and concrete structures. IA-FraMCoS was founded to help fill this gap.

Concrete is an archetypal and almost fragile material. It consists of brittle components and is characterized by a significant characteristic length of the material, which gives the material a transient behaviour between the stress-strain relationships for small-scale distributed damage and large-scale elastic linear failure mechanics. This transitional behaviour poses difficult challenges for theoretical, experimental and computer research.

Originally, the only activity of IA-FraMCoS was the triennial concrete conference series. Currently, it is seeking to expand its activities to cover not only fundamental developments in the field of concrete, but also the promotion of fracture-based approaches in engineering practice.

This will be achieved through permanent conferences and the support of high-quality scientific research.


Previous FraMCoS conferences:


Topics of the conference

FraMCoS conferences serve as a forum for the exchange of ideas and the exchange of practices. FraMCoS X invites written contributions on the following topics or on the following topics:

A: Theoretical failure mechanics

B: Experimental methodologies

C: Computer modeling

D: Sustainability/coupled problems

E: New cementitious materials and/or other quasi-brittle materials

F: Applications of structural concrete.

In addition to the above topics, mini-symposiums will be organized on important current issues related to concrete fracture and concrete structures.


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