SIAME Laboratory

UR 4581

CNRS Research Federation IPRA FR 2952 (French acronym for Multidisciplinary Institute of Applied Research in Petroleum Engineering)



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Assistant director

Stéphane ABADIE

 stephane.abadie @ univ-pau.fr

Wave-structure interactions team

The wave-structure interactions team conducts research on waves and their impacts – in the broadest sense – on coastal infrastructures.

The work carried out is based essentially on the numerical simulation of surface waves, taking into account fixed and mobile structures, completed by field measurements.

The issues addressed mainly come under the field of coastal risks (submersion, impact, tsunamis) but renewable marine energy has more recently become a focus of interest too. In addition to its contribution to international and national research programs and to the national observation projects DYNALIT and OASU, the IVS team has built strong partnerships with local authorities (GIS littoral Basque , Observatoire de la Côte Aquitaine) materialized by the creation of a chair “Advanced modeling for sustainable management of the Basque coast” as part of the E2S program.



Impact of a wave on a structure