Flow and energetic

SIAME Laboratory

UR 4581

CNRS Research Federation IPRA FR 2952 (French acronym for Multidisciplinary Institute of Applied Research in Petroleum Engineering)



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Assistant director

Stéphane ABADIE

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The flows and energetics team

The complex flows and energetics team conducts research combining experimental measurements, material characterization and high-performance numerical modeling to better understand and predict complex flows (specific rheology, two-phase, incompressible, etc.) and the associated thermal and energy transfers.

The scientific issues addressed can be fundamental (e.g. ANR project: NaiMYS) but can also have direct applications in civil engineering, specifically in the energy (solar, heat storage, building energy, aeronautics), geophysics (magmatic and pyroclastic flows) and industrial (mixtures, sheet flow, engine cooling) sectors.


Thermal evolution of the magmatic system.
Instant values of the temperature field in the magma chamber for Ra = 107, 108 and 109 at different times τ*. 
T* is the dimensionless temperature.