Sustainable Construction

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CNRS Research Federation IPRA FR 2952 (French acronym for Multidisciplinary Institute of Applied Research in Petroleum Engineering)


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Sustainable construction"Common Team" Nobatek-INEF4 - UPPA

In the field of sustainable construction, research actors such as UPPA and its university laboratories, the Nobatek Technology Center which coordinates INEF4, as well as professional and technological training structures and a business incubator, which generates activities in the field, have joined forces around a common dynamic on the ArkiNova technopole site in Anglet.

The creation of this joint laboratory named "Sustainable Construction: Architecture and Urban Physics" was born from the common will of UPPA and Nobatek/INEF4 to strengthen their scientific cooperation in order to contribute to the development of research axes in the field of sustainable construction.

This Laboratory comes in support of the research strategy of the UPPA, the recent creation of the INEF4 Institute, more particularly of the program "Realize... Architecture & constructive solutions", then of the joint will of the territorial actors, the Region New Aquitaine (ALPC) and the Agglomeration Côte Basque-Adour (Agglomeration), to develop a new scientific and technological research axis, in a double approach associating architecture and engineering for the energy design of the buildings with the BEPOS objective for the new and the renovation.

The Joint Laboratory is based on the establishment of a UPPA-Nobatek/INEF4 "Chair" on the theme of "Architecture and Urban Physics". This Chair has a "research" component which will be fed by the research themes of the Joint Laboratory. It also has a "Training" component with initial and/or continuing education projects that will be piloted by the Institut Supérieur Aquitain-Bâtiment Travaux Publics (ISA-BTP), UPPA's engineering school on the Anglet site. The specific terms of this training component may be the subject of a separate contract at a later date.